Spirituality in Coaching

I have practised meditation for over 20 years now. I tried different types of meditation before I settled with a so called ‘Sufi’, one-pointed focus meditation, that uses the ‘ANI-HU’ mantra to support maintaining our focus. This meditation technique supports us to seek and find God within. By God, I do not mean an old guy with a long white beard but more like the source and maintainer of my whole being, the Essence of who I am. I believe that I am a unique Spark of God in expression. This meditation supports me to gain a deeper connection with that Spark and the Loving Source, that is God.

Apart from the above, I also meditate so to understand myself and my life better. Each time I close my eyes I look within, I shut out the busy world around me and seek comfort and understanding within my-self.

I have learnt over the years that none has the answers but me. However, it is important to differentiate Me from the I. The ME-part, the EGO part of me only seeks shelter from a scary and crazy world around me. But the I-part looks for peace in the turmoil. The ME-part defends its fragile world whereas the I-part is strong and invincible. The I-part does not defend or protect, it is wise, compassionate, loving and kind to self and all.

In my meditations, I seek to meet that wise I-part of me and seek her advice.

Because of the above, I use many different meditative exercises in the coaching process. The EGO-part when asked questions can only give ‘limited’ answers because it is in constant ‘defence-mode’. The ME-part of me does not want to visit painful and uncomfortable places inside of me and it will do anything in its power to distract me. But the I-part of me is forever open to get freer and more in touch with its Wise-Source. This part knows all the answers to all my questions. In order to get in touch with that part of me, however, I need to peel off the thick layers of ‘deceit’ of the EGO-part of me, so I can hear her voice.

It does not matter what meditative practise one chooses to support oneself as long as it enables a deeper connection with our I-part, the Essence of who we are, or GOD-within.

Without being in touch with ourselves, we seek to find the answers to our questions in another. It is always doomed to fail. No one knows what I need to do for myself so to be happy and to live a meaningful life. Only the I-part knows that.

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