The world only offers us craze. No matter how stable and balanced you consider your life to be, the world will make sure you will lose your cool time to time.

Observing the madness this PANDEMIC has generated I wonder if we can at all call ourselves hu-mans any more. I am mad at the senseless way we tackle this problem we are faced with. Animals act with more decorum! Most people have seemingly lost all their common sense. The shops are empty, the roads are empty and people are panic stricken. Of what exactly? A virus that is unfortunately nasty and contagious however it is still the 12th on the list of different illnesses that threaten humanity at the moment. It is a flu virus that are know to the medical society and it is treatable!
Probably the least comprehensible aspect of this panic is the mass shopping craze. I am not sure exactly what goes through people’s minds when they stock up food for the next year!

The PANDEMIC suddenly feels like an ARMAGEDDON!

As far as I can see, interestingly, the more we try and protect ourselves from a phantom the more harm we do to ourselves and others in the process. Businesses and schools are closed that will result in revenue loss and parents not being able to go to work, just to mention a couple.

On the flip side, however, I am grateful. I have suddenly more free time on my hands than I have had the past months. I can enjoy the warmer weather, a good book, chatting with family and friends.

Maybe, just maybe, we needed this VIRUS to calm us down a bit, keep us at home with our families and hobbies. We probably need time off from our crazy and over-scheduled lives.

A blessing in disguise, once again! Let’s make the most of it!