On a personal note

When I was a child, I was told that I was odd because I had ‘strange’ ideas that nobody could seemingly understand. Plus, I lived in a rather gray environment called socialistic communism or something similar. Colourlessness was the norm and you were expected to conform.

I was not one who easily left a question unanswered, though. So, I decided early on that if the world around me is too scared to answer my bold questions I would go and find my answers myself. And so I was off. I left my home, I left my city, finally, I left my country in search of answers.

The most surprising discovery I have made over the years was that our answers to any existential question are answered from within. I spent much time reading clever books and looking for someone to answer my queries until I realized that the only question I was truly searching an answer for was ‘who am I?’ Finding the answer to this very basic question opened up the whole world to me. It is sometimes too big to bear! Knowing myself, my true values, inherent abilities and what I stand for as a human being gave me complete freedom in choosing my experiences.

I do not live a perfect life. I do not believe it exists, anyway. I live a life of insights and discoveries. It is a magical world both inside and out. I am still a girl in progress. 🙂 My main focus in life is to find the most fulfilling ways to express my multifaceted being. One such layer is my caring nature that wants me to support others to gain insights into their own extraordinary being.