As I was watching the video I soon realised that I was listening to a RAP poem of LOVE and HOPE. I found the contrast between the first and the second half of the video intriguing! If you really pay attention to the first half, you can truly feel the FEAR rising inside you. The ingenious of this film is that you can actually experience how the FEAR dissipates by turning your attention to the GOOD. Every singe moment has a dual nature: a dark and a light. YOU decide which one you focus on. This experience that we are globally going through right now is no different. You can focus on seeing the DARK and the fearful side or you can chose to see the LIGHT side. The side where people have become more supportive and kinder to one another. You can close the doors and shut the blinds and think that you can feel safe in your isolation. Or you can choose to see the GOOD in what’s happening right now and contribute to it!