Your questions, my answers

I asked some of my clients to pose 5 questions after having watched the five videos on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL (CLICK) I had posted under with the title ‘Coaching Group in changing times’. Here I am sharing my answers.

  1. What can I do for myself now?
  2. What new possibilities I have inside of me?
  3. I would like to attract attention … how could I become more successful?
  4. Your story inspires me – which cultured had the most influence on your life and development?
  5. What kinds of tool sdo you offer in your work with your clients?

1. The best things you can do is to regain a sense of calmness and create more meaning in your life. If you are one of those people who have more time on her/his hand because of the lock-down, I suggest you make good use of it. Invest in yourself: find ways to discover your hidden talents and start taking steps to refine them and turn them into a successful endeavour.

2. The undeveloped possibles inside of you yearns to be discovered and used, you only need to listen in! 🙂

3. Your success depends on how much of your unique faculties you are in control of. It means that first you need to investigate what your IKIGAI is, what your CORE VALUES are and then turn this knowledge into a NICHE which is a unique segment of a profession. You need to find that one single line of product or service that only you can offer because it stems from the CORE of WHO YOU ARE. When you live your unique abilities combined with clear focus, success is inevitable. 🙂

4. Thank you! <3 you can read about my story on my WEBSITE (CLICK HERE). Each culture I lived in had a unique impact on my development. The UK with is liberal views allowed me to investigate parts of me that I had feared to approach before. My life in the US showed me what a tough cookie I was. I felt invincible and strong. Uruguay and Mexico gave me a sense of peace and ease. Their easy-going attitude showed me how to relax and stay calm in an engaging, non-controlling way. My time in Malta made me realise the value of friendship without expectations. Bulgarians game me a level of trust that allowed me to become more confident in who I truly am and knowing that what I can offer is valuable. I am forever grateful for every culture and the people who have supported me on my journey so far.

5. Well, apart from usual coaching tools, like asking ‘tricky’ questions and journaling, I really like using fun artistic, therapeutic, and meditative tools. I find that these tools engage parts of us that we are not aware of and support them to reveal themselves more easily. I also offer Enneagram and Wealth Dynamics profiling a well as card-reading and systemic constellation tools.

I hope my answers offer you the information that you were seeking. Thank you so much for taking the time asking them. <3

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