Creativity vs Artistic talent

Being creative and/or having artistic talent are not the same things. There are lots of creatives out there who are not artistic at all. At the same time there are many artists who are not creative. It is like skill versus passion.

Being able to draw is partly an inherent talent, partly result of hard work and countless hours of practise. Having the ability to express the beauty in something we see or experience through visual art is a talent and does not necessarily require one to be creative. It probably takes some sensitivity and vulnerability to experience the inner, often hidden, beauties of the world around us.

A creative is someone like Richard Branson, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Elton Musk who cannot stop generating ideas and bringing them into life. These ideas are often in one particular area or business because of the ‘passion’ and ‘mission’ one holds true for oneself. Creators are highly committed to bring a major change to the world by their creations and cannot stop until they have noticed that change being embraced by humanity. Creators are visionaries. Their heads are in the clouds, they are rarely interested in the material world. They leave the earthly task such as putting their ideas into practise to those who understand their vision and mission.

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