The Sacred world of MANDALAS

Why create a Mandala?

♦ Because it has the regenerative and curative power to activate the latent powers of the mind. The meditative process helps to focus and open the heart to the healing power of unconditional love.

♦ Because it has a calming and relaxing effect on the mind and body, thus focusing and strengthening the will to heal.

♦ Because it can bring joy as it facilitates the healing of a sense of psychological fragmentation.

♦ Because it can make the invisible visible—expressing paradoxical situations or patterns of ultimate reality that can be expressed in no other way.

♦ Because it can reveal unity between human existence and the structure of the cosmos—opening up a perspective in which things can be understood as a whole.

♦ Because it can give form and expression to an intuitive insight into spiritual truth by releasing the inner light of the soul.

Source: Judith Cornell Mandala Luminous Symbols for healing

With the power of your mind you can work changes in the life in the body as well as in the body itself. . . . Mind [consciousness or soul, including intelligence, will, and feeling] can enable you to do anything you want, but you must experiment first in little things until you fully develop that power. If you don’t constantly work at developing mind power, don’t try suddenly to depend wholly on it. . . . those who are fanatical and refuse medical help when they need it often do great injury to themselves. . . . You must use common sense.

Paramahansa Yogananda

The ultimate aim of these practices is Self-realisation—the recovery of one’s authentic Self, not the ego-personality bound by one’s individual circumstances. This greater Self is an aspect of transcendental Reality. The recovery of this Self, synonymous with enlightenment, is the mystical experiential knowing and remembering in mind, body, and soul that we are one with God.

A mandala, the Sanskrit word for “circle,” is a concrete symbol of its creator’s absorption into a sacred center.

By focusing on it, both mandala artist and meditator can open to the divine energies of deities and to the contents of his or her own spiritual and psychological self. When a practitioner wilfully illuminates and embodies a sacred image from within the psyche while in a meditative state, spiritual transformation, physical healing, and the integration of personality fragments can result.

Source: Judith Cornell Mandala Luminous Symbols for healing