How to deal with Anger and Upset

In this video and article (pls see LINK below) Sant Rajinder talks about how to tacle anger and upset. He explains how it comes about and what we can practically do to easy ourselves into a peaceful peace of acceptance.


“Is there any antidote for anger? The more we give in to anger, the angrier we become, and it gains its power over us. We reach a point in which we lose total control and end up doing or saying something that hurts others and ourselves.

The secret to overcome anger, is to stay calm in the face of whatever is happening.

As we face problems at home, at the office, or in traffic, we should not react in anger. We can recognize that the problems are there. We can take steps to solve the problem. We can even be proactive and try to remove the agitating source by communication or by finding solutions, while trying to avoid becoming angry.?