What is hindering you from living the best of you?

I only reap what I have sown.

I am a pest basically…I am constantly on somebody’s case about becoming aware of the reality of their existence. I want others to see how they fog their senses in order to avoid facing facts and often emotions. It is perhaps a bit cruel of me to do that but I believe it is also helpful. When you see the truth, you suddenly have different choices available to you. Sometimes this new choice is simply accepting that you cannot make a different choice! Hahaha!

I believe in seeing clearly.

I believe in seeing clearly. Though it is a painful process, it is also liberating. Until you become aware, you flounder. Until you see the truth of your existence, you cannot make different choices, you only pretend that you do. I must admit though that awareness is a gift of grace, it does not come naturally to us humans. The world we live in values false images and pretence, the great enemies of honesty and authenticity. When you become aware of the reality of your existence, your thoughts, feelings, fears, etc. you become authentic. It is only the first step to any change but it is a crucial one.

Awareness is a gift of grace that helps you become authentic. 

I am not exempt to the above. There are still many things that I am not aware of about me and so the question above applies to me, too.  So, what is it that I do not want to see (about me and my life)?

Well, I am always the first to admit that I am an arse! All I do is observe. I do want to see my false pretences and I do realize where I have been wrong about myself, like being strong when I am often woozy and rather insecure. I also understand that this ‘habit’ of mine that stems from a sense of insecurity rather than a happy inquisitive mind. I want to see clearly because I want to know what’s going on. I want to be in control  Plus I want to avoid being blamed for everything.

In my observation, people who live in a fog instead of reality are usually corrupt. They either want to get away with something, or want to maintain a rather false image of themselves or simply do not want to take any responsibly for their lives.

I want to see clearly because I want to know what’s going on.

Yes, I am judgemental but I do not blame them. I perfectly understand how scary and painful it is to clear out the air, clean the mess, simplify matters, face the music, and as a result suddenly see what has been in front of me all along. It is crazy hard to take responsibility and admit that I only reap what I have sown. It is challenging to admit that I am not the person I pretend to be. 

Before I share  my own discoveries I would you like to ask you to share your thoughts on the question: “What don’t you want to see about yourself?”

Take out a piece of paper. Write the question on the top and write what comes to mind, again and again.

In order to live the fulfilling life of this wonderful person who you truly are, you must face the music and find the courage to investigate who WE ARE NOT.

Answering the above question will give you insight into the false images and pretences that you uphold about yourself. The very portrait that is not only untrue and limited but that is also a block hindering you form living a happy and striving life.

What is hindering you from living the best of you?

These are my discoveries …

As I was writing this blog above I realized that I was asking myself the wrong question! The question is not “WHAT I DON’T WANT TO SEE BUT WHAT I DO?” I suspect it is the second stage of self-awareness! 🙂 Like in the excerpt above at some stage in your healing process you need to recover a lost sense of self. First, it is essential to become aware of who we-are-not but what is even more important is to see WHO WE ARE in our Essence.

After having uncovered the false ego that runs on fear-fuel and pretences, it is time to let go. It is time to recover our True Sense of Self.