Thoughts on being Spiritual

Being spiritual, or following a spiritual path about is taking a hard look at who I am not, where I am in reaction, and uncovering the hidden truth of my Divine nature.

or as Rev. Yeaky says

“Let life itself be a reflection of you living the spiritual pathway in your journey Home to God.”

Brian Yeakey

The spiritual path, however, means something completely different to everyone. I think it is a good thing. We all walk the path that works for us, that works with us. We are all on a different level of spiritual understanding and it must be respected. I am not happy with people who believe that they have to kill those that do not share their understanding of spirituality. But I understand what they are afraid of.

First of all, for me, walking a spiritual pas has nothing to do with acting kindly, being calm, being helpful, or being generous, etc. Most deeply spiritual people I know are not the nicest creatures on the planet. But as a hipster, some twenty years ago, I often got upset or angry about things I did not agree with, so I thought that enlightenment meant to become sweet and agreeable. What did I do? Well, I started to force a smile on my face. 🙂

Then I realized, that walking a spiritual path only concerns one person only.

And it is ME. It is MY JOURNEY. It is MY personal seeking and finding God’s (Divine, Higher Power, Higher Self, etc) ever burning flame – The Pearl of Great Price -within me.

Then, I though that finding God or the Divine was to create some meaningful relationship with this ghost that is called the Father in the Bible, the Lover by Rumi, the Spirit by other traditions. I was lost. I simply could not figure out how to Love and embrace this invisible figure who I cannot fathom.

Until one day, I realized that Loving God (the Divine, the Lover, Spirit) is actually fully embracing and Loving myself, every breath I take is Me and is God together. I am not separate from the Divine. IT resides in me, IT works with me, IT creates through me. IT has fun with me, IT cries with me, IT breathes in me. I am ONE with That.

The spiritual journey is a journey in consciousness.