What is ART for?

As I see, most artists are a bit of loners. We are used to making art in our own space, mostly alone. They stand/sit countless hours in front of an easel/sawing machine and create endlessly.

I am a member of numerous artsy FACEBOOK GROUPS. When I run through my feed I marvel in amazement at the bounty of unique artwork of all sorts. They are just breathtakingly creative!

The first question comes to mind is: ‘What is it all for?”

I think that visual art can be a super cool addition to a home decoration. It is exciting to look at art. I visit (used to)art museums a lot. I would not want to look at the same artwork all the time, though. I understand that for many, Art is a kind of investment.

The question I often ponder over is what is ART’s REAL raíson’d etre?

There was a moment when I thought I wanted to become an artist. I took different classes to learn the skills. I tried out all different ways of making art from making watercolour paintings to making pastel one to embroidery. I still love them all but I never became a ‘real’ artist. The reason is that I did not see the point of becoming an artist. Selling art work is not particularly easy plus I could not see the point of having my artwork hanging on somebody’s wall or a mug. It can be fun but ART I make must have a some ‘selfish’ meaning to it.

When I look at a piece of artwork, I always wonder what it is that the Artist wanted to tell me with his/her ART. Every picture/photo tells a story … or not. Some artwork only tries to copy reality that do not inspire me at all. But hey, they look great!

I love, personally, when ART is used to express one’s inner world, a unique way of seeing the world, or to say something that words cannot cover. I immediately feel connected to the Artist. I am allow into the intimate world of a personal space.

We could intentionally use ART to connect! It could connect us on so many different levels. We could share moments of joy of creating. My ancestors used to sit around the fire making things – clothing, bedding, tools, etc. As they were creating they were also telling stories and making memories. But most importantly they were relating by being part of each others’ lives.


ART connects me to self and others in a deep and meaningful way.

So, let’s make some sweet art with the intention to tap into our own depth and connect to others from there.

Below you can find out more about the different ART classes I run with the intention to CONNECT and ENJOY making ART.