Another learning …

‘If you fraternize with pig’s food, you will be eaten by the swine. This is a Hungarian saying telling you to choose your company wisely.

I was thinking about this saying this morning wondering how clever it is. It is unavoidable to be in contact with people who are not-your-sort. Life is not meant to be a glorious ride void of any challenges, mishaps and … creatures who are bonkers. (affectionately 🙂 

There is this well-meaning, slightly disabled lady who wants to participate in my programs but since she has hearing issues she keeps on nagging me to subtitle every video I make and give her allowances because of her ‘disability’. 

Though I appreciate the sentiment and I am inclined to support wherever I can, I have the sneaking suspicion that she just wants sympathy and attention, a lot of it. She wants to attend every program I run, but she simply cannot because I do not make it possible for her. Well, why don’t you?

To cut a long story short, I decided not to respond to her requests and emails any more. I bid her farewell on her journey to self-discovery that she claims to be trotting along. 

And I am taking another learning from life …

Nobody can be helped beyond what s/he can do for him/herself.