Contemplation – Day 20

We were all created in His image, and yet we were each created different and unique. No two people are alike. No hearts beat to the same rhythm. If God had wanted everyone to be the same, He would have made it so. Therefore, disrespecting differences and imposing your thoughts on others is tantamount to disrespecting God’s holy scheme.

I embrace my inner wisdom and trust the guidance I receive.

Today’s rule is challenging for me. When I see people suffering because of the choices they make I feel compelled to ‘advice’ or ‘teach’ them different ways of doing things. Probably, there is nothing wrong with that, however, I am attached to the fact that they would change as a result of ‘my advice’.

I know a few people who, though they recognize that their ways are harmful to themselves, they still cannot change their beliefs, they cannot move on,  and they cannot connect deeper and find a loving place to heal.

This is the instance when I find it hard to respect God’s perfect world regardless of how it appears. In order to be able to accept the pain, anguish, anger and stuckness I am faced with, I need to move myself onto a higher ground where I know that each individual’s journey is unique and I cannot know what learning journey they are on. I accept my own ignorance and God’s perfect scheme for each of us. 

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