Contemplation – Day14

God is busy with the completion of your work, both outwardly and inwardly. He is fully occupied with you. Every human being is a work in progress that is slowly but inexorably moving toward realization. We are each an unfinished work of art both waiting and striving to be completed. God deals with each of us separately because humanity is a fine art of skilled penmanship where every single dot is equally important for the entire picture.

Faithfully, I wait for truth.

Well, not a particularly inspiring day today. Headachy and low in energy, even dizzy … not sure what the reason is behind my symptoms but I could definitely practice today’s affirmation.

I am a work in progress hoping that even on days like this I am moving inexorably towards my realization which is my oneness with the Divine by releasing and embracing … what is.

As I am getting older, I am more in touch with my body’s ups and downs and it has greater influence on my felling of wellness or the lack of it. One of my biggest challenge personally is to work with it, work with the not being able to do as much as I would like or was once able to. I am learning to become patience and move with what presents me with: in this case laying in bed and waiting for the headache to ease away.

Yes, I am waiting patiently to be ready for the next step …

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