Palm Sunday and Holy Week

On Palm Sunday, mainstream Christian churches celebrate Jesus’ entering Jerusalem, and people throwing palm leaves under his feet. 

As we are moving into Holy Week of Easter, the week concluding the Lenten season, I started to contemplate of the meaning of different symbology such as the leaves being thrown on the road in front of Jesus, the meaning of passion, crucifixion and resurrection.

Today I celebrated Palm Sunday with a little ritual of releasing. I imagined leaves being limiting beliefs, pains and aches, misconceptions of who I am and such. I wrote a long letter. In this letter, I threw unhelpful ideas like leaves onto the road to Jerusalem, all that I felt stood between me and God. With my words on the paper, I released them all covering the dusty road.

I imagined Jerusalem to be Heaven, the place inside of me that is blocked by these leaves of limitations. I imagined Jesus, being the saviour and all :), stepping on and crashing these obstructions with his compassion and Love, and opening the way for me to enter Jerusalem/Heaven. I imagined his Love surrounding me and encouraging me to let go and move into my power.