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Post Grid lazy load
The more I put myself out there with my little creative treasures, the more scary it gets.
Learn about this amazing creative project that saves lives in the slums of Brazil.
“You have two brains: a left and a right. Modern brain scientists now know that Your right brain is your
Color affects your behavior, moods, and thoughts. Your reactions to colors are deeply personal and rooted in your experiences.
What is to come out of this Creative Den? What is next? Listen! 🙂
Listen to this fascinating radio show and my sharings on BOUNDARIES AND SELFLOVE!
In this podcast I talk about how the odd one can make a positive difference
... túl fáj látni a valóságot, az ember tehetetlenségét, vagy az önmagunkról fentartott kép megbukna az első igaz szónál
... a rajzolás közben ellazuljak, és egy gyermeki mentalitást felvéve, feltétel nélkül élvezzem, amit csinálok.
ICorinthians 13 beautifully talks about the human journey into Love or Oneness;