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Positive thinking and positive attitude are two different approaches to life.
THERAPEUTIC-ART ENRICHMENT PROGRAM is all about awareness, mindfulness, embracing, joyful art-making and connecting through ART
What does it really mean to be creative? Who is a creative person?
HAPPINESS is a shift in focus from the gloom and fear of the world to the Grace of the Divine.
I love that he created a world of his own and expressed it with much playfulness.
"The great advantage of openness-to-learning is that you’re in charge of it at all times ... "
When I become aware of what's bothering me or in my case why I am angry, I suddenly have a
Dr Gay Hendricks talks about the key factor on becoming successful: willingness to learn.
The genius of Sir Ken, reminds us through his jokes that life is truly about finding and living our inherent
I discuss my philosophy on how to free ourselves from