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Post Grid lazy load
Dr Joe Dispenza talks about negative emotions that we hold onto long enough so they become our identity and our
A wonderful song to affirm the good inside of us.
BEAUTY IN THE BROKEN, A wonderfully enlightening film on mental health, the way we look at it as a society
Happiness is a shift in focus from the gloom of the world to the grace of Love.
DELENTA is an online coaching platform that has it all. Watch the video to learn more about it!
I love her squarie but full figures, the strong colours and shades that all say something, they hold a message
It is an exciting and nerve-racking process at the same time.
ART cannot lie. Every picture tells a story. Each piece of ARTWORK depicts its creator in the most unique way.
She talks extensively about the different types of anxiety related issues and how you can deal with them 'hands on'.
ART connects me to self and others in a deep and meaningful way.