Compassionate Insight Practice Group


Once purchased you will be emailed further instructions so please do look out for an email from me:


Upon registration and payment you will receive a PDF document with instructions on how to join the program and information on the particular program you have registered for.

Please READ these instructions carefully!

You can register to more than one meeting by filling in this form and following the instructions below.



Steps to registering and making a payments: 

  1. fill in the contact details form and chose the DATEs of the sessions you want to attend above (you can choose multiple dates)
  2. click on ADD TO BASKET above
  3. click on VIEW BASKET
  4. view basket and make sure you adjust the number of sessions you wish to attend under ‘quantity’
  5. click on PROCEED TO CHECK OUT
  6. make a payment
  7. in case you have any issues please