On Depression

To my personal experience there is no deeper pain and sadness but the one that is resulted in loosing SELF. In my observation, we are mostly unaware of our ‘missing’ SELF, but if we pay attention how we try to fulfill our  felling of ’emptiness’, we can notice that something is out of joint.

The shopping sprees, workaholism, obsessive behaviour of any kind, alcoholism, etc. they talk to us, they tell us that something is missing, something is suppressed. In my experience, the lockdown has brough up onto the surface a lot of the hidden pains and aches. Maybe it is time to look at them, instead of surprising them back down again into oblivion

I do not hold the keys to your kingdom of happiness. You do. What I can offer is ways and tools to start to uncover the hidden gems of who you are. My tools are artsy, creative, meditative, contemplative and most of all ‘jolificatious’ 🙂 Let me know.

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