In God, I am free!

As I was reading today’s Daily Word, I was touched by the truth of this simple statement. 

My circumstances are rather challenging at the moment. Visiting family can be a rewarding and/or a challenging experience. Mine is both though it is rather painful at times. I have been haunted by the past and  started to feel more and more suppressed by the way we treat each other.

I was so GRATEFUL for this reminder “The truth of God is constant, enduring, and unchanging. … This truth is the key to my freedom. Rather than struggle circumstances, resisting what is, and lamenting my lack of freedom, I align myself with the greater truth.  … I am free to choose my thoughts and feelings. I am free to choose my responses. I am free to forgive, release, and grow into the person I want to be.”*

The words around me may be harsh and unforgiving.  The people may act violently and driven by pain and shame. I STILL HAVE A CHOICE. I always have a choice. I am NEVER a victim of my circumstances. When I am present, I am available to the freedom that is of the Divine.

What a relief!

*Daily Word, 14 March, 2023. extract. Learn more about Daily Word in the UK here (click).