I wish I could explain in simple terms what a difference it makes when we become HONEST with ourselves. Nobody else needs to know about the TRUTH of my fears and struggles but Me. I must rip off the veil of my illusions from my teary eyes and finally see MY-SELF yearning to be restored. She calls out for my healing attention. “See? This is where it hurts!”

Without HONESTY, I am just a puppet in the Circus. I pretend that I am all together, all is well, and I am busy with my successes. Yet, everyone can see my aching, open wounds … but me.

It takes COURAGE to allow the Truth to surface and all my illusions of who I pretend to be come to light. The reward, however, is plenty. My fears of being found out dissolves in my Love and Care for MYSELF. Who I am beyond the layers of deceit is way more wonderful and precious than the person I pretend to be.

The pain I experience as the result of separation from the ‘I am’ disappears in the recognition of the Essence of who I am.

From a Coaching point of view:

When you have the courage to face the truth and ask, “What is the ONE thing that is most awry, off the mark, or simply not working?”, it helps focus your mind on the real problem. It illuminates the truth about what is generating pain, robbing you of full enjoyment of life or keeping you from moving forward as you wish to do.

Asking “What is the ONE thing that is most confusing?” brings even greater clarity. It’s only when we shine a light on what we don’t understand, that we are able to seek the information that will allow us to act with wisdom.

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