Therapeutic-Art + Me

I’d like to share a bit about the way I use mandala and therapeutic-art making for ‘healing’.

Actually, I don’t like the world ‘healing’, I prefer the word ‘letting go’. It is because I don’t think that there is anything wrong with us, anyway. The word ‘dis-ease’ perfectly demonstrates that.

All that happens is that we get disjointed from the Essence of who we are, the Divine within

Eventually, however, we need to find the way back there through peeling of the layers of misconceptions about our true nature. With most of us, this dis-alignment started in our childhood …

when we forgot our true  identity and replaced it with others’ view of who we are

Aligning ourselves with our truth can be an arduous process. It starts by us looking at what does not fit. We do not need to dwell on it but we must have a grasp on the different events and related feelings that took us off-course in order to be able to say goodbye to them.

The reason why I love using art to recover our true-identity is because it is fun and playful.

Whereas, most training and coaching programs tend to be heavy and teary, the use of art takes the edge off. Somehow, the vitality and playfulness of the arts make us feel children again.

You know, what children are like? One moment, they cry their eyes out, the next all is well and their laughter fills the room.

Between the two, the magic of recovery happens. We let go of layers of deceit and misunderstanding allowing our true nature, our loving nature, to emerge again.