The Art of Digging :)

Gardening is my new Mojo! It is my latest therapy! I would have never thought that weeding can be so much fun. 🙂


I thoroughly enjoy kneading the earth as I am sieving the weeds out of it. It does actually feel much like the preparation stage of baking. But the true reason why I am so keen on digging the soil is that it reminds me of my childhood, the fun time I had in the sand box. I used to love spending hours making sand castles or cooking sand food.


Playing is therapeutic and meditative. When we play, we forget about our problems, the needs, wants and demands of the world on us. We become free and enjoy the simple pleasures of the game.

Playing outdoor is particularly nourishing. Apart from the fact that I can stop being mesmerised by the computer screen in front of me and I can leave my back-cracking chair for a while, I can breathe in fresh air, I can feel the wind on my face and I can just be.

As I am kneeling on the ground and digging my hands into the soil, I feel grounded and alive. 🙂