Safety thru Meditation

“Man can never exercise dominion until he knows who and what he is and knowing, brings froth that knowledge into the external by exercising it …” “If in your path towards the light you have fixed a point of achievement that attainment of which you think will satisfy you, you have made a limitation that you must eventually destroy.” “You can never be what the Father want you to be until you recognize that you stand alone, with Him as your sole and original guide, just as much alone as if you were the first and only man.” “It is your privilege to be as free as the birds, the trees, the flowers.” “In our communion in the silence with the light within us, the bondage of the higher to the lower is made clear to us, and the true way of release is indicated.” “This understanding is attained through mediation and study in the silence … learning to know God face to face.”

All quotes are from The twelve powers of man by Charles Fillmore (Unity Church founder)

As we observe Easter and Passover, this year, we may want to take the time to contemplate the above. What does it all mean in simple terms?

Well, it is simple: Go within and be free.

Let me elaborate a bit. Instead of following man-made rituals of any kinds, you can sit in the silence and wait on God yourself. In the silence of meditation you can evolve by becoming aware of yourself (higher-self, God-self, Divine-self). There is a magical touch to every meditative practise and that lies in the ‘non-achievement’ nature of it. We do not seek anything in meditation, we let go and wait. We wait until God comes ‘face to face’ and we recognize ourselves in that face. As we let go our attachments to the world, in the silence we find peace.

All of that I have said above can be a real experience as long as you DO IT! No words can give you the experience!

Easter indicates a time of ‘rebirth’ and an overcoming of hardship. Hardship means something different for everyone. This past year has been hard on many of us in some way or another. We felt challenged at best and broken-down at worst.

I look at our responses to the Pandemic and it seems to me that we still try to fix the world out there instead of finding our answers within. We are still looking for the one fix that will erase all the scary monsters our of the world so we can finally live in ‘safety’ and at peace.

There is not such fix.

The world is a scary place because it is ever changing, uncontrollable, and merciless. No matter where you are at in your life, the world always offers something to be afraid of: losing your job, falling ill, dying, loosing a loved one, going bankrupt, and many more. It is in its nature.

In meditation, I can find peace, I can replenish, I know that I am safe. In the Divine Light and Sound I find comfort and I am consoled. This meeting place, where the Divine meets the earthy is inside of me. God is not a father figure hanging above from the clouds. I can meet God ‘face to face’, I can step into the Love of Spirit inside of me by aligning myself with IT.


By calling upon the Divine Spark, the I AM, inside of me, I can tune into the Loving and a sense of ‘all is well-ness’. As I am holding myself in the silence of Meditation, I allow myself to be nurtured and renewed in the everlasting Loving Presence of the Divine.