What’s real?

Watch this video before you read the text below!


We have become so clever! We have read numerous books on ‘how to’. You understand the concept of ‘living in the moment’ or ’what you focus on is what you get. It still does not seem to make the shift. Today, though you are full of valuable knowledge, you live exactly the same way you lived two months ago or even two years ago.

So, what’s wrong? Why  is it that you don’t seem to be able to make that essential change that would make your life look the way you want it to be?

Well, the answer is rather complicated because your are a complex being. However, there is a short answer.

It is because you do not act upon your newly found knowledge. Just like in the video, you may not ever have tried to ACT upon the wise advise you found in these books, or workshops, seminars, webinars or conferences. You still sit at home contemplating those ideas rather than LIVING them.

The only way to make a lasting change is to DO IT DIFFERENTLY.

Doing it differently requires you to INVESTIGATE what does not work and what may work for you, then  LET GO of what does not work, and finally  PRACTISE the newly found way of doing and being.

Once again, these are just words!

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