Gestalt – seeing the whole

There was a time when I was teaching how to draw. I really liked the so-called ‘right brain drawing’ principles and I used them when teaching drawing. These principles are practical but also deeply spiritual. One of the five principles is Gestalt: seeing the ‘whole’. Interestingly, seeing the whole is only possible when you are empty. You cannot see until your mind is full off ‘concepts’ of how it should be.

What you are dawning, be it a Mandala or anything else, is already perfectly present in your consciousness. You only need to ‘download’ it and give it a physical manifestation.

When drawing, the artist basically co-creates with the Divine Idea inside. When you look at the Mandala drawings they are deeply expressive and unique. Not even one is like another. Participants often report that their creations are unexpectedly ‘well-done’. It is because they were able to ‘channel’ the image onto the paper! 🙂 Gestalt, the last principle of a great artistic work, is about focusing into the ‘whole’ and manifesting it.

Michelangelo once said, that he saw David in a piece of marble and all he did was chipping away all that was not David. He held the Gestalt in his mind eye and matched it to the marble. Wherever it did not match, he chipped it away from the marble and allowed David to emerge.