The Asatoma Prayer, an ancient prayer, India

Meditation can lead us from

  • the unreal to the real – There is more to life than what the physical eye can see. The spiritual eye sees the truth, what lies behind the vail of shadows, the unique beauty and magnificence of our exitance.
  • darkness to light – Our daily existence is full of shadows of worry, fear and anxiety. The inner world of Spirit is full of light and light-hearted freedom of being.
  • a time bound state of consciousness to eternity – Our existence reaches beyond the physical, it is timeless and eternal.
  • the false identity of the Ego to the timeless state of Being:  to the eternal I Am.

MEDITATION seeks out the Truth beneath the ever-changing and shifting reality of the physical world. It aims to connect with the eternal, ever-blissful and peaceful nature that resides within us at the deepest level.

“The language of God is Silence. Everything else is a poor translation.”

The modern-day Christian mystic Father Thomas Keating

Practicing the Silence will not “get” us anything. It connects our conscious mind with the Divine. As we align in consciousness,  we swim in the ocean of Silence and develop a conscious inner awareness.

Experiencing the Silence as the constant, abiding foundation of all that arises and falls away in this world. Seeing the play of consciousness for what it is and align with the Divine. It allows us to see with new eyes, hear with new ears. We live in what is described as “the inner stillness that surpasses all understanding.”

I borrowed most of the text above from Rev. Janell Sachi Renshaw