5 minutes on Life

“Life is like a box a chocolate, you never know what your going to get.”

Forrest Gump

In my experience, meaningful Life is about a personal evolution and a learning curve in which one needs to unlearn what is untrue and learn the truth about one’s true identity.

I think Life is very different for us all even though the aim is the very same. We all walk an individualized journey with one sole purpose, that is to become one with the Father.

I grew up without any religious education. I consider myself luckily for that I was not ingrained with any religious dogma. I had been, nevertheless, ill-fed with much misunderstanding on who I was, what the purpose of life was, and what to look for in life so to feel happy.

As a child I looked around and saw people being lost in the world and wanting the world to provide them whatever made them feel happy. In my observation, nothing ever satisfies the unfillable void of neediness, however. Over time I learnt that unhappiness was simply the result of being disconnected from our true selves. So, I decided that my life would be about seeking fulfilment via connecting with the Divine within.

I soon realized that my different approach came with a price. Fillmore says

“You can never be what the Father wants you to be until you recognize that you stand alone, with Him as your sole and original guide, just as much alone as if you were the first and only man. You can hear His Word when you have erased from your mind all tradition and authority of men, and His Word will never sound clearly in your mind until you have done this.”

Charles Fillmore, Unity Church Founder

In my life, seeking God and living what I AM did not come easily. At first, like most of us I just wanted to fit in, enjoy being a member of my community, and feeling loved. After much disappointment, I started seeking out old wisdom of the sages on the nature of Love and Happiness. My seeking took me to unknown lands and eventually led me to a place where I needed to leave everyone I grew up with behind so I could find my own path.

It takes courage to break away from the known. It is rather scary to trod on a path untravelled. As I was walking my individualized journey from the misconceptions of my upbringing towards the kind of Love that I read in the scriptures, I more and more understood, that I was not only looking for a feeling but and experience, the experience of the ‘I AM’, the Living Loving Essence of God within me.

Eventually, I have found more than I bargained for. I noticed that the closer I get to experiencing myself as the I AM, the more I can fulfil being ‘the light of the world’. And the only way I know how to fulfil this calling is, as Linda Martella-Whitsett says, by

“bold spiritual living, living under the radial premise that I AM divine.”

Linda Martella-Whitsett