Book of Memories

Creating MY GRATEFULNES JOURNAL allows me to be playful. IT is not about creating high art, but creating positive memories!

Recently, I have found my grandma’s BOOK OF MEMORIES’. I remember that as a child we used to have these lovely sketch books that we passed around the school asking friends to write ‘memories’ for us in them.

None of these entries were treasured because of their artistic merit but because of what they meant for us, kids. Friends wrote kind messages, quoted a poem, or draw a small picture to remember by.

Each entry was special because it depicted the person who created it and because it left a memory of a time when they were children together.

My book of memories got lost over the years, but my grandma’s is still intact. It dates back to the 1930’s!

One of the reason’s why I started the GREATFULNESS JOURNALING class is because it reminded me of my Book of Memories.

When I look at my Little Book of Gratitude, I see memories of my life. The pages depict stories, events, happy and sad moments of my life that I am grateful for.

If you would like to create so me visual memories for yourself that will remind you of all the moments in your life that you were once greatful for, COME AND JOIN US every Wednesday.

Let’s make some MEMORIES!

The class is FREE OF CHARGE, ZOOM link is sent upon registration.

As you can see from this video, creating a Gratitude Journal entry feels like being a child again. We are not creating a piece of artwork that needs to look neat and accomplished. We are creating these pictures because IT IS FUN!

Let’s make some MEMORIES!