Dr Joe Dispenza – Emotions

Memory without the emotional charge is WISDOM!

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Everyone has a ‘disposition’ to life and that disposition becomes his/her approach to life. As we identify with that disposition, we become it and can be identified by it.

As a child I was artsy and curious. The system I grew up in did not appreciate ‘different’ very much. So, I often suffered being ridiculed and shamed for my peculiar ways. As a response to my helplessness to stop people misinterpreting me and taking me the wrong way, I became angry … very, very angry! That ANGER has been running my life for decades. I identify with it. Most of my friends call me an ‘anger-ball’ because I get upset and angry very easily.

My mum’s emotional addiction is DEPRESSION. I don’t know what her story is exactly but I can easily see that her sadness over the way her life turned out to be became depression. She recycles her disappointment over her unmet expectations daily. She is stuck in an emotion that makes her life miserable.

My aunt appears to be a very bitter and unforgiving person. She is highly critical and patronizing. Asa child, she had to grow up very fast because her mum was not around. She had to take care of her younger sibling and her father. She became the bitterness of her lost childhood.

Negative emotions when we hold onto them long enough become our identity and our addiction. We keep on replaying the memory and the emotion related to it and so we become it. Whatever happened to us in the past, we can take the learning from it and become emotionally free from it. It is our choice to allow or not an emotion to tint our responses to our life experiences.