Just let it roll!

This youtube concert of the great Karen Drucker (below) is a great example of ‘let it be’. This not-so-perfect and easy-going concert reminded me of how to allow ‘things’ to take place as they want to without me trying to control them or manage them.

I think we live in an over-controlled environment where were try to hind our fears of the unknown (mostly scary phantasies) and the unmanageable (mostly scary phantasies) by taking fewer risks and organizing things to the last detail.

I think it is time to accept the Life happens the way it wants to. Like new rivers they flow and carve out their bed as they please.

We live at a time in human history when life takes twists and turns like a roller coaster without us being able to control much of it. We try but we hardly succeed.

Maybe, just maybe, it is time to let it roll, let it all go and relax into the ‘all is OK’ even if I am afraid of the unknow. We only need to have a little faith in the good that is to come.