The Joy of Anticipation

Hm, I noticed that JOY and LOVE the last two themes of Advent are interchangeable. I chose JOY to be the theme of the 3rd week because I believe that LOVE overrides all other qualities of Spirit.

On this day of Advent,
I remember to savor the joy of anticipation

I remember that when I was a child I so looked forward to Christmas. I was excited about the presents that I would receive, that many distant family members would visit and that we will have a noisy house for a few days. I loved that we spent days visiting different relatives, that we ate strange food that my mum never cooked and that I felt free to run rampant because everyone was too busy or drunk to notice.

Now, Christmas is a chore. I need to help out, cook, clean, buy presents and do other rather boring tasks. I do not look forward to Christmas any more because Christmas time became a consumer event and lost its magic for me.

Today, I was thinking that I would like to bring back the joy of anticipation into my Christmas time; anticipating peace by withdrawing from the world; anticipating more time for myself and sleeping more; anticipating doing activities that lift my Spirit and bring me joy.

THIS IS A LINK TO A VERY SWEET ANIMATION – FULL OF SWEETNESS AND JOY! WATCH IT. (it cannot be embeded in a website, so you will need to follow THIS LINK (CLICK))