How does change occur?


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

That witticism—I’ll call it “Einstein Insanity”—is usually attributed to Albert Einstein. Though the Matthew effect may be operating here.*

I often hear people talk about wanting to have more fulfilling experiences or to attract different types of people and opportunities or to have more income.  It is admirable that we consider making conscious changes in an ever changing world. 🙂

For making lasting change, however, wishing is not enough. We are habitual creatures who are often unaware of our repeated thoughts and actions that actually generate our daily life experiences. So, making changes can be tricky.

Change is personal

When it comes to change, in my experience, we need to understand where we need to ‘intervene’ in order to make lasting changes. First, we need to take a deep look within our own patterns of behaviour and their results. We need to gain clarity on how we generate these experiences. We may want to ask ourselves: What do I believe about myself, others, the world and the Divine so I have these specific experiences? Then we need to start making some changes in areas where we wish to have happier and more fulfilling experiences.

The trap of ‘Divine Order’

God does not make changes in our lives. We do it by thinking and behaving differently. God walks our days with us but we are required to walk our individualized journey ourselves and take the learning from our experiences. God’s main wish for us is to know ourselves as a Divine Being and know that we are Loved. In my experience, Divine Order means Acceptance. I am not to fight my experiences or make them wrong but use them for my upliftment and growth.

Change is a process

The first step to any change is acceptance of what is. As I look at my flaws, the habits that do not work for me any more, I generate a sense of Compassion for myself by being Accepting. That is Divine Order. I accept where I am at JUST AS I AM. 

Then, I start releasing the limitations that hinder me from having the experiences I would truly like to have. 

Finally, I start to BEHAVE DIFFERENTLY. This is the CREATIVE part of the change journey. God does not tell us what we need to do exactly in order to have the experiences we want. We must start experimenting with life. We need to try out different ways of thinking and acting to find what works for us.

This part of the CHANGE JOURNEY is about interchanging between release and course-correct. I keep on releasing old patterns and try different new ways of thinking and being.

God walks with me encouraging me and cheering for me! Eventually, through the inner and outer journey I have walked, I arrive to new experiences. I affirm them and reinforce them by creating a habit with the new thinking and the new behaviour. Change has taken place.

Our steps are made firm by the Lord, … though we stumble, we shall not fall headlong, for the Lord holds us by the hand. Psalm 37:23-24