What’s real?

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We have become so clever! We have read numerous books on ‘how to’. You understand the concept of ‘living in the moment’ or ’what you focus on is what you get. It still does not seem to make the shift. Today, though you are full of valuable knowledge, you live exactly the same way you lived two months ago or even two years ago.

So, what’s wrong? Why  is it that you don’t seem to be able to make that essential change that would make your life look the way you want it to be?

Well, the answer is somewhat complicated because your are a complex being. 🙂 However, there is a short answer.

It is because you do not act upon your newly found knowledge. Just like in the video, you may not ever have tried to ACT upon the wise advise you found in these books, or workshops, seminars, webinars or conferences. You are still sitting at home contemplating those ideas rather than LIVING them.

The only way to make lasting change is to DO LIFE DIFFERENTLY.

Doing it differently requires you to INVESTIGATE what does not work and what may work for you, then  LET GO of what does not work, and finally  PRACTISE the newly found way of doing and being.

I am CREATIVE. I dare say that I am an expert in doing IT differently. Apart from having lived in a number of different countries over the years, I made it my quest in life to constantly ‘uncover and change’. What I ‘know’, I did not learn  from books, I have discovered it along the way on my journey of Life.

Are you ready to  dive right in and ACT? Then, I invite you to join me …

The Therapeutic-Art Enrichment Group Program can help you bring awareness and light to those places in your consciousness where blocks to your fulfilment hide and it will replenish your Soul.

Another kind of Love

Audio version of the text below

WOW! Such an angry man.

He says Brexit will lead the way and allow other EU member countries to leave. He seemed particularly angry with the French and the German. He says The Brits will stop buying French and German products and that will be the end of the French champagne industry. I do not remember what the Brits will stop buying from the Germans. He is a hunter kind of fellow. Though he was born in the outskirts of London, he lives in Scotland.

Though he smiles a lot, he seems so angry all the time.
He says he goes to China twice a year and loves Chinese food which is interesting because he does not seem to like foreigners. He loves his beer and wine. He loves his food, full stop.

He is an Enneagramm 9. A gentle anger-ball.

He seems like someone who was robbed of something early on and as a helpless and powerless reaction he extended this robbery onto a national scale.

He gives the impression of a great Brit of long-ago, an archaic British Empire believer. There is so much violent hatred in him. He is a man who believes in the righteousness of wars. He believes that the Brits deserve special treatment because European fields are full of fallen British soldiers. He is brutally nationalistic, uncompromising and unwavering. He is rigid and unforgiving.

He is actually scary as he finds every opportunity to get angry and prove how ignorant people are. At the same time he seems like a man who is respectful and supportive. He is also rather scattered and absent-minded, probably, because he is constantly busy with being upset with something. He does not seem to be present at all. He can not see what’s in front of him, he is lost in some circle of childhood trauma that prevents him just being. For him, events that occur around him are only there to prove how infantile, incapable and stupid humans are.
I suspect, he is mostly angry with himself but his anger is mostly projected onto others.

Interestingly, even though, I found him rather scary because of him being full of prejudice and unfounded judgement, I felt a lot of compassion for him. I sensed a lot of hidden pain of injustice and peaceless-ness.

There is not much else one can do with this man so full of blind rage but love him! : ) Sadly, though, whenever I meet a person like him there is nothing else I can do but run. My own anger is on the way to any constructive and kind discussions. I shut up and go. I love him from a distance.

NOTE: Though Enneagram type nines are called Peacemakers and mostly considered gentle bear-like creatures, similar to Winnie-the-Pooh, ENG9s are actually rather sulky, angry and resentful creatures. They have a heart of gold. They are protective and supportive friends. At the same time they often feel that they are not appreciated enough. Because they constantly deflect and avoid confrontation at any cost, they often react with sarcasm and with an edge to situations that they feel uncomfortable in.