What are you made of?


Everyone’s life is a testimony of their beliefs!

We all know or at least guess that this sentence is true and still we often stand helpless and bitter in the face of our life challenges and disappointments.

1.Have you ever wondered why your life doesn’t match your wishes and your dreams?

2. Have you ever dared have a deep enough look at your life, your relationships, your work-life, and your financial situation, and ask yourself :what do I believe about myself, the world, and God that I live this very life?

You see, the answer to the first questions is rather simple: there is too big a gap between what you believe – about yourself, life, the Divine –  and the dreams your harboring in your heart.

The answer to the second question is a bit more complicated. 

Everyone’s life is an unfolding story of challenges, bravery, learning, courage, setbacks, sadness and happiness, and more. The tricky bit is that we are both the writers and the readers of our story.

These days there are millions of self-help resources out there! We talk and contemplate on the different themes offered in these self-help and spiritual resources but do we actually do the work?

My story started with an undiagnosed anxiety disorder in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. I smoked like a chimney and I had panic attacks. None knew or cared about these symptoms towards the end of the socialistic regime. Eventually, it got so bad that I took a class on psychology at uni and started seeing a therapist. I read numerous books and attended my sessions diligently but nothing changed. 

After uni, I moved to another country. My symptoms got worse. I lost even more weight. The books did not help. I did not have money for a therapist. Eventually, I started writing a journal that brought some relief and comfort to my extremely high level of anxiety.

In 1998, my beloved Grandma died and I fell into a depression that I might not have survived, had I not found Insight Seminars through a kind friend in the UK. I literally set through the first course. I did not engage. I could not. I was too clammed up. I just tried to understand what they were saying and was rather shocked that people stood up and talked openly about their deepest wounds. Nevertheless, I knew deep within that if I stuck around I will be able to recover.

To cut a 20-year old story short, I got involved in Insight and Essence Seminars, I volunteered with them for decades, and recruited people to their seminars. Why? Because these seminars and workshops helped me understand that ‘understanding’ is not enough! ACTION = energy in movement makes the difference! 

What is ACTION?

In my experience, ACTION is an inward and upward looking movement, not an outward looking one. Running around and trying to find the right therapist, coach or practitioner to fix us, does not make much difference. The WORK is always personal and in a way lonesome. We need to use the support that we are given in a personalized way and heal ourselves. By healing we start releasing all that is false about us and start connecting with the truth of who we are. In that we automatically start living more of our dreams, not much extra effort is needed. 

Living the dream is actually being the person who has the dream.

Walking the journey of discovery and unfolding is ACTION. Taking part in LIFE fully – with all its twists and turns – is ACTION. Sitting in meditation connecting with our Divine Essence is ACTION. Practicing Forgiveness and Gratitude is ACTION. Discovering who we are and who we are not by gaining insight is ACTION.

If you ever want to life your dreams – that may change over time – you must take ACTION. 

Pic sources – UNSPLASH.COM