Therapeutic-ART Coaching 101

Discover how to share your gifts in every area of your life, enjoy truly fulfilling relationships, and experience a deep sense of living “on purpose,” through the path of self-awareness and understanding your (and others’) personality.

Are you seeking a deeper understanding of who you are… and greater insight into your unique gifts and talents? Would you like to develop your personality strengths to truly serve your happiness… and that of others? Or maybe you’re looking for guidance to transform deeply ingrained patterns limiting your growth…

Come work with me and answer your questions during our coaching sessions!

Therapeutic-Art Coaching Sessions will support you to recover your sense of creativity; enhance the flow of creative juice, ignite your Spirit, and bring you closer to the Core of Who You Are. It will enable you to uncover and heal debilitating patterns of thoughts and behaviour so YOUR INNER LIGHT CAN SHINE THROUGH THE DARK STUFF.