COVID Mind-Game

What you put into your mind becomes your reality.

Yesterday, I realized that there is a side affect of the COVID craze that I had not see before.

I was having a heated argument for-and-against vaccination and we were sharing about what we think and how we feel about the virus itself and the situation that surrounds it. I shared with vehemence how silly I tfound this overblown fear that surrounds COVID. Then, suddenly, I got in my face someone’s hands-on experience with colleagues and friends suffering from COVID, the difficulties dealing with it and recovering form it. I understood from this sharing how some young and healthy people become utterly ill and as a result feared dying.

I was shocked as it downed on me that there is an element of this illness that, not only have qw not addressed but I personally, have not been aware of: the MIND-GAME with all its psychological and mental effects.

Now, a year later, we talk about COVID as if it was EBOLA, and so we experience it as that. It seems to me that we kind of ignore the fact that what we have been focusing on, paying attention to, investing our energies into became our day to day reality.

A flue virus is not supposed to be a deadly virus. If it were we would have been vaccinated for it together with other lethal viruses such as tuberculosis. We have turned COVID into EBOLA. I started to notice that we have collectively created a monster out of a naughty ELF. Now, this self-generated monster plays mind-games with us, it chews on our nervous system and our psyche.

What do we do in response? We fight it. We keep on focusing more and more into it, giving it more life and momentum. We are at the third wave of the epidemic and it is nowhere near the end! We are fighting a ghost with needles and vaccines. Instead of stepping back, regaining our sense of decorum, and looking our fear in the eye, we run havoc with a phantom. What’s more, we keep on allowing the Media and other ‘loud enough’ sources to spiral us deeper and deeper into this sad reality of fight or flight.

COVID became our latest source of fear and enemy.

We do not notice that we are creating this disaster for ourselves.

Positive psychology talks extensively about how important it is to choose what we put into our minds. As we listen to upsetting and fearful stories of COVID, we actually plant horror in our minds and consciousness.

Instead, we could chose to feed our minds with lovely ideas that can generate positive and happy experiences for us. The mind is like a sponge, the more horrors of death tolls we put into it the the more to fear we realize.

I do not have to allow my mind to be corrupted by the fear and negativity that surrounds me. I can always ask myself if what I am hearing, reading or discussing adds to my sense of well-being or not. The mind governs the body. If the mind is corrupted, the body follows suit. It is a well researched truth that the strength of immune system is greatly influenced by the way we think about ourselves, our lives and environment.

It is my personal responsibility to chose what I put into our mind. We can take care of our mental health by choosing what to allow into our consciousness.

What you put into your mind becomes your reality.

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