My thoughts on IKIGAI

My country of origin was under communist leaderships for about 50 years. After the ‘bloodless revolution’ in 1989, people became free to chose what to do with their lives. However, the decades of ‘socialistic parenting’ resulted in people having no idea how to make well-founded and mature choices about their lives any more.

‘COMMON SCHEMES’ is the expression I would use to describe how majority of people chose professions and build businesses in the country. There are only two ways to chose a profession here – either to create a fashionable lucrative business or to become an ‘agent’ at the customer service department of one of the many international companies.

What is IKIGAI?


Finding our path to generating wealth is not about knowing how to generate money but finding out who we are and how to follow the right path for out ‘type’.

Wealth Dynamics Profiles show us what direction to take. Finding our IKIGAI helpS us follow that direction with focus and clarity on what our mission.

To get a jumpstart, we look at our IKIGAI clusters and ask ourselves the question: ‘What is no longer relevant?’

With this question we weed out ideas that hinder us: we are often attached to some ideas of what we want to do with our lives, what kind of job we want to do. These attachments are often based on our upbringing or more often than not on the way we see ourselves. These two attachments are deep traps that hinder our finding our our IKIGAI.

An ever deepening self-knowledge is key for realizing your IKIGAI.

(Originally written in May, 2020)