“True prosperity is not making money or putting out goods or developing prosperity. It is determining what our souls require in order to cause them to unfold more of God (Divine);”

Myrtle Fillmore, Healing Letters, Unity Books

Considered in the broadest sense, prosperity is ‘spiritual wellbeing’. This involves the whole experience of healing life, satisfying love, abiding peace and harmony, as well as a sufficiency (of every good thing).

Paul Hasselbeck, Spiritual Economics

Therefore, prosperity is a state of consciousness.


Well, deep down we all want to get rich so we can do the things that are meaningful to us. Very often though we do not realise that we do not need to do something to pay the bills or win the lottery to free up time for the things that we love doing.

According to Roger Hamilton (Wealth Dynamics & GeniusU), we all have an innate and natural way to do things that not only pleases us but when we are in the ‘flow’, it generate wealth for us, too.

In this early video Roger explains what the 9 types are and explains how you can recognise which one is your type. In case you are not sure about your type, on his website you can do a test that reveals your type. CLICK

During the THERAPEUTIC ART ENRICHMENT GROUP PROGRAM we investigate our Wealth Dynamic Profile and create an action plan around it. The Program will support you to take ACTIVE steps toward finding and creating meaningful and fulfilling work activities for yourself

My thoughts on IKIGAI, the reason for being (LINK CLICK)




  • Gain deeper awareness of yourself – your thoughts and behavioural patterns that may or may not be supporting you in living the life you wish for yourself.
  • Become aware of your strengths, unique abilities, and your true interests, as well as some of your hindering patterns.
  • Discover your Essence – the core of who you are. Building on that, we enquire about your passion, purpose and true vocation.
  • Step towards your dreams using the supportive power of the group.