I remember that instead of hoping for the best,
I can know that all is well.

Hope is a beginning expression of faith. Through spiritual practice, hope evolves into its fuller expression, which is faith. Faith is the sure knowledge that our good is ours, right here, right now. Faith does not waver.

Rev. Karen R. Shepherd

Walking in faith, my steps are sure,
divine guidance is clear, and my path is illuminated.

Faith expands my awareness to recognize the presence of Spirit in every person, place, and circumstance. It reminds me to trust in my abilities and believe in myself, knowing I am ever supported by the Divine.

I welcome love, joy, success, health, wisdom, abundance,
and harmony into my life now.

When I choose to keep my mind focused on unconditional love as the greatest power in my life, I create and experience greater possibilities than I have ever imagined.

Source Unity Advent Booklet 2021 –WEBSITE