Life is your talents discovered

Sir Ken talks about how the education system fails to notice and nurture talent, particularly if that talent is in the arts. He reminds us in his joyous way that life is truly about finding and living our inherent talents. Life is a miracle as you create it through your choices. Life progresses through our creativity being employed in the right direction. We create the world around us by imagining and manifesting. ( Oh, I so miss him!)

The THERAPEUTIC-ART ENRICHMENT GROUP PROGRAM intends to support participants to look at their inherent talents and start making necessary changes in order to incorporate these talents and make them a success.

One participants, realized during last years summer program that she was particularly good at and loved supporting others developing their business. She also discovered her passion for healthy and enriching ways of living. As a result, she created a small company that now successfully markets small and medium size entrepreneurs whose services enable health and well-being.