Peace of Mind

How to have peace of mind? Change your mind!

This video below is beyond enlightening. It is practical and easy to understand, though understanding is not enough! According to Dr Bruce Lipton: understanding a concept will not make it real, but practice will!

Though I am not a fan of mind-programming, I think they are really good as a starting point. There is a place beyond the mind but getting there often takes ‘dealing’ with the mind’s limitations first.

I think that the mind needs to get to the place where it is open enough to be open to ideas and can allow the rest of the ‘structure’ to engage in not-necessarily-logical activities.

What is my tip today?

How about watching this video and choosing one activity to repeat – no matter how senseless it may feel at the time – until you start feeling/seeing some change. Look at what area of your life you would like to see some change and create an action that contradicts that belief. Repeat it Repeat it again … and again … Then see what happens.

My example: I have been experimenting with a belief that says that people are ignorant and dangerous. The ‘contradicting’ sentence goes like this: I love people as they are, people love me as I am. What I have experimenting with is repeating this sentence over and over silently to myself while I am shopping in a big shopping mall. I have been having very interesting experiences!! I will tell you more! 🙂