Spring Cleaning with Meditation

In this article and video (video is embedded in the article, pls see link below)

Sant Rainder talks about how meditation can help us remove the clutter that prevents us from experiencing our Divine nature and living a fulfilling life.


“Before we spring clean, we typically take a good, hard look at what is cluttering our house. We do a walk through first to see how much cleaning needs to be done. We evaluate what we want to keep and what we want to throw away. We decide if there is anything too difficult for us to remove ourselves, and we call upon someone to help us.

Similarly, in spiritual spring cleaning, we need to do a walk through of our own interior makeup to decide what we want to keep and what we want to throw away. We need to evaluate what aspects of ourselves we want to cleanse. We need to understand what is cluttering our minds and hearts and keeping us from opening up to God’s love.


How to deal with Anger and Upset

In this video and article (pls see LINK below) Sant Rajinder talks about how to tacle anger and upset. He explains how it comes about and what we can practically do to easy ourselves into a peaceful peace of acceptance.


“Is there any antidote for anger? The more we give in to anger, the angrier we become, and it gains its power over us. We reach a point in which we lose total control and end up doing or saying something that hurts others and ourselves.

The secret to overcome anger, is to stay calm in the face of whatever is happening.

As we face problems at home, at the office, or in traffic, we should not react in anger. We can recognize that the problems are there. We can take steps to solve the problem. We can even be proactive and try to remove the agitating source by communication or by finding solutions, while trying to avoid becoming angry.?


If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, “Move from here to there,” and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20 (NIV)

”… The little Engine That Could story inspired me to keep trying no matter how difficult or seemingly impossible a situation might be. When I moved beyond my doubts and fears, I was always amazed at what I was able to achieve. … ‘Nothing beats a failure but a try’. ”

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What if you had taken action?

In this sweet video, we are reminded to be brave enough to take action and never give up on our ideas. It may as well fail but as least we know that we have tried it before it fell to the ground. FYI, Edison had more than a thousand failed inventions!


“The Volunteers” Legends of the 21st century Humans. The video is about our ‘helpers’. Those souls who come as volunteers to Earth to support humans to evolve. I love this video!  There is a lot of truth addressed in this video about our spiritual nature and our experience in the human for on Earth. I suggest you pay close attention to their conversation! 


Do you enjoy your life?


Sir Ken Robinson: Finding Your Element


In Finding Your Element, author and educator, Sir Ken Robinson, offers viewers a guide to finding and being in their element. He provides basic principles and tools to help guide them to do the work they enjoy with a sense of contentment and purpose. He believes that you can thoughtfully and strategically make changes in your personal and professional life as you Find Your Element.

Finding your natural talents is crucial for being happy. It is not only about knowing what you are good at but finding in what way to use this talent to truly fulfil you and make you happy!




“We will either heal as a team or we will die as individuals”

The video inspires us to ask the question whether we can win alone. It seems to be about time to realize the importance and strength of community. This is a perfect moment in time to give up our differences and focus on what makes us similar. In that we can embrace each other and find strength and courage to move beyond our limitations.