PODCAST:What are the programs about?


The program has two main purpose: one is that you gain deeper awareness of yourself – your thoughts and behavioural patterns that may or may not support you living the life you would wish for yourself; the second aim is that you start discovering YOUR ESSENCE, the CORE of who you are and building on that, you can start looking at what YOUR PASSION, YOUR MISSION, YOUR TRUE VOCATION maybe.

During our meetings, I invite you on a journey of self-discovery. These sessions are not like educational study groups where you can learn about a certain topic. Each participant is allowed and encouraged to gain the amount of insight they are ready to handle at any given moment.

I use coaching, therapeutic and artistic tools. The tasks are playful and therefore they gently show us the pitfalls of our defences and the magnificence of who we are.

Though, your main focus should be on yourself and your progress, it is also a support group. We support ourselves and each other on this journey.

My intention is to provide the appropriate surface for you to be able to engage with each other, to gain valuable information on your uniqueness of self and inner beauty and to obtain positive, uplifting and meaningful feedback.

My greatest wish for you is that you rediscover and take steps towards your dreams using the supportive power of the group.

“A self evident truth is that people who have a clear understanding of themselves enjoy more successful careers and better lives” – Tasha Eurich, organisational psychologist.




When I started on the road of self-discovery and self-improvement in the early 1990’s, at first I learnt about the power of the mind. I loved it. I started making observations and analysing all that I learnt about myself. It was an exciting journey full of discoveries but no release.

I am sure you heard the expression: ‘rewriting the story of your life’. When I attended my first personal development seminar with Insight Seminars UK in 1999, I understood what that meant. It has been a long journey of discovering who I am, who I am not, what I want, what I am good at and how I want to live my life.

My life is not perfect still I am grateful because I do what I like and I am good at. I am still re- and re-writing the story of my life because I am still discovering and recovering.

Art became my tool and meditation my saviour. That’s what I offer to my clients.