Connection vs Separation

“When I accept my humanity I can claim my divinity.” There is a very popular saying in Unity, “I am a spiritual being having human experiences.” It is the perfect reminder that I am not ‘only human’; I am of Spirit as well. Yet, living in such a fast-paced world, many feel isolated, alone, frightened; …”

Rev Kimerie Mapletoft – Director of Silent Unity and Daily Word UK

As I was reading Rev Kimerie’s thoughts – see above – I felt reminded of the ‘ separation’  we generate by not being aligned with our ‘greater self’, the living-loving spirit with in us, that is of the Divine or God (chose your word of preference).

I started to wonder what it is that I can all do to feel closer to the Divine not only in myself but also in others.


Rev Kimerie continues …

Yet the good news is that as we begin to accept our humanity, our foibles, mistakes and errors for what they are, our experience as human beings, learning and growing in a human body, we can move beyond identifying with these errors and claim our divinity. We will be able to say with joy that I am, and you are, a beautiful, creative, inspiring being; a blessing in the world.

The invitation, in all of this, is for every single one of us to accept our differences, our human mistakes and experiences, to help us see through and beyond them to Spirit that shines brightly within, whenever we open the door to this experience. As we accept our humanity, we can claim our divinity.

Rev Kimerie Mapletoft -Director of Silent Unity and Daily Word UK

How true! By honestly looking at my mistakes and flaws, I become aware of them. This awareness helps me embrace and love ALL OF ME: the silly-me, the hurry-scurry part of me, the arrogant-me, the scared-me, the fat-me, … And as I do that they start dissipating, kind of being removed from obscuring my connection with the Divine. As a result, not only do I become aware of the Greater-part of Me, but I am also enabled to see the Divine in others. 

The separation that was created inside of me by looking for our differences and judging them in fear, disappears. I become free and let others to be free in themselves, too. 

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Gratitude and ART

The idea to run a Gratitude infused Art Class came about during the Lockdown. I felt lost and angry. My entire life suddenly was on hold. Because of the uncertainties, I had to live my residence, move to another country where I was stuck for over two years. At the beginning, all I could do was to complain. Why is it happening to me? Why did I make that decision? I should have done it differently. I hated the place where I was ‘stationed indefinitely’ and I could not see the way out.

As I kept on looking at the glass half empty, I started to get depressed. This was the moment when I thought that it just could not go on like this. I cannot change where I am or what is going on in the world, but I can change how I experience all that. So, I started a ‘daily blessings’ exercise which basically consisted of me sitting in a meditative position and trying hard to find things that I was grateful for on that day.

It was not easy. Because I like drawing, I decided to try to draw my days in a way that the picture would remind me of the fun things that I have in my life. To cut this rather long story short, eventually, I thought that others may benefit from having fun with counting their daily blessings, so I opened my ‘daily blessings’ sessions to the general public. The rest is history! 🙂


According to participants, the class supports them to become more mindful and creative. During the class we focus on addressing the shift from left-brain to right-brain activities, balancing the two hemisphere.  Colouring and drawing contributes to generating a state of flow. Participants can also develop their drawing skills. All in a fun and supportive environment.


Each class  addresses a different aspect of Gratitude and supports you to deepen your practice of expressing your Gratitude towards the blessings in your life.

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No other way

“We should forget the hurts, the wanderings, the fears,
The wastelands of our life and know “
That we could come no other way or grow Into our good without these steps our feet
Found hard to take, our faith found hard to meet. “
Written by Martha Smock, Editor of Daily Word in 20th century for over 30 years
Created by UnityUK and I.Kudlik. Video is by S.JameS

PIC source – Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash 

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