What is Faith?

Faith it is NOT blind confidence in a God figure from whom we can expect great things to come! Faith is inner knowing!

I grew up with ‘seeing is believing’ and betrayal upon betrayal. If the communistic regime taught us anything it was how to distrust each other. We were literally expected to spy on each other. It was not a particularly positive way to inspire faith and trust in goodness.

My observations as a child taught me that God cannot not be human – a father figure – because most humans do not possess (have it but not act on it) the qualities of God according to spiritual scriptures such as Loving, Accepting, Forgiving, Embracing unconditionally, Joy and more.

Through my journey of self-discovery and spiritual-awakening, I understood that God is not a white-bearded man who magically delivers upon my wishes. But God resides within me. I am part of the Divine that is often called God.

Having Faith for me is knowing that there is goodness in everyone (everything), including myself, regardless of my actual experiences. I know that we, humans, are not capable of acting according to our God-given qualities because we are lost in the world of Fear (the Serpent/Kal/the Devill/Evil). Just because we are often not aware of it, it does not mean it is not there.

Having Faith in myself means that I know that I am inherently good, even when I cannot act accordingly. I am a Divine Spark and of Spirit having a human experience.

Needless to say that Faith requires persevere until we make connection with the higher realms of consciousness. It is only there where we can experience the blessings of the Divine presence and our own goodness.

“Nothing shall be impossible unto you” if your faith is in Spirit and if your work is in harmony with Divine Presence.

(Adopted from Charles Fillmore – Christian Healing)