Awareness and responsibility

Becoming ‘aware’ of myself and my life has been a long journey for me. I am so committed that I created a two-months long program around awareness. Though the program revolves around different themes such as patience, acceptance and more, it is designed to provide powerful and playful ways to become aware of who we are in our Essence (in our core) and who we are not (the conditioned mind-patterns).

To my observation, most people find it ‘scary’ to become present. It is understandable because as soon as awareness takes hold in your consciousness, you become fully responsible for your life and your decisions.

Until you stay ‘unaware’, you can blame the world – the family, the neighbour, the government, God, etc – for anything you feel uncomfortable or frustrated with. As soon as, you start seeing your ‘patterns’ you will start having choices how to respond. Having a choice in how to respond to any situation is LIBERATING! You stop feeling trapped and life becomes a journey rather than a drag!

When you become aware, you will become powerful!




  • Gain deeper awareness of yourself – your thoughts and behavioural patterns that may or may not be supporting you in living the life you wish for yourself.
  • Become aware of your strengths, unique abilities, and your true interests, as well as some of your hindering patterns.
  • Discover your Essence – the core of who you are. Building on that, we enquire about your passion, purpose and true vocation.
  • Step towards your dreams using the supportive power of the group.