Why it is so hard to let go?


There is a scene in the film where one of the protagonists decides to let of the resentment she feels towards her mother. She makes it a ritual with her mum present. She releases balloons, that represent her feelings, into the air and says good-bye to them. It is pretty awesome!

So, have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to let go? With me, it is that I feel greatly invested. When it is time to let go, be it an object, a person, a concept or belief, I feel that I am tearing a part of me off and saying good-bye to it. The the result of letting-go is more Freedom – which is super great! But the process of letting go is often torturous! I realized that every time I need to say good-bye to something that has been part of me for a long time, I need to grieve it.

It is not by accident that we make such a fuss of burying our dead. It is a ritual of letting go.

During the Therapeutic-Art Coaching Program, we create a ritual and spend time with letting go of any outdated elements of our lives that need to be released so we can feel freer.

Program starts on 10 April and lasts for 2 months with 6+2meetings.

Gestalt – seeing the whole

There was a time when I was teaching how to draw. I really liked the so-called ‘right brain drawing’ principles and I used them when teaching drawing. These principles are practical but also deeply spiritual. One of the five principles is Gestalt: seeing the ‘whole’. Interestingly, seeing the whole is only possible when you are empty. You cannot see until your mind is full off ‘concepts’ of how it should be.

What you are dawning, be it a Mandala or anything else, is already perfectly present in your consciousness. You only need to ‘download’ it and give it a physical manifestation.

When drawing, the artist basically co-creates with the Divine Idea inside. When you look at the Mandala drawings they are deeply expressive and unique. Not even one is like another. Participants often report that their creations are unexpectedly ‘well-done’. It is because they were able to ‘channel’ the image onto the paper! 🙂 Gestalt, the last principle of a great artistic work, is about focusing into the ‘whole’ and manifesting it.

Michelangelo once said, that he saw David in a piece of marble and all he did was chipping away all that was not David. He held the Gestalt in his mind eye and matched it to the marble. Wherever it did not match, he chipped it away from the marble and allowed David to emerge.

Would you like to be successful?

Then enter your flow! 🙂

Roger James Hamilton created a system called WEALTH DYNAMICS that helps you recognize which ‘wealth flow’ type you are. Becoming aware of your ‘bests’ and ‘worsts’, the way you naturally work, what comes easily and what you struggle with, will help you greatly find your right place in the world of work.

I am a creator – I prefer using the word: creative – who is usually a visionary and runs twice as much as the rest of her/his team. It can be a great advantage to see the whole picture of the business or any project that I initiate. However, I am always above my head with what we can and cannot actually achieve in any given time frame. My downfalls are that my thinking is complex and I am often impatient.

So, the solution is to learn to delegate. I have initiated and created many businesses over the years, but, similar to Steve Jobs, I have been sacked from most of them. The reason for that was that I was too impatient and eventually I went on everyone nerves with pushing them all the time.

Creative should never enter the office where real work is done! LOL I am not joking! Creators should come up with ideas, get the people who help them create the foundations and then let it all go. It is my greatest challenge but I am learning.

Here is a link to the WEALTHS DYNAMICS (click) website where Roger Hamilton explains the different types and how they can get into their flow, regardless of the type of work they do.

HERE IS THE LINK TO THE TEST where you can check which profile you fit the most.

Our Purpose in Life

In this article and video (link below) Sant Rejinder talks about the meaning of life and our sole purpose of being.


“It is important to recognize that this human existence has a purpose, that we are here to grow spiritually, to know God, and to merge back in God.”


COVID Mind-Game

What you put into your mind becomes your reality.

Yesterday, I realized that there is a side affect of the COVID craze that I had not see before.

I was having a heated argument for-and-against vaccination and we were sharing about what we think and how we feel about the virus itself and the situation that surrounds it. I shared with vehemence how silly I tfound this overblown fear that surrounds COVID. Then, suddenly, I got in my face someone’s hands-on experience with colleagues and friends suffering from COVID, the difficulties dealing with it and recovering form it. I understood from this sharing how some young and healthy people become utterly ill and as a result feared dying.

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Mandala Class&ZOOM Fatigue

Yes, I do understand how daunting it is to sit in front of the computer all day! That has been my life for almost a year now. Before? I have never been outdoorsy much but I have been active. My life and work required me to be on my feet moving about and buzzing. It has changed dramatically. At first, I spent a lot of time in front of the screen so to learn how live and work on-line. Then the weather got so unreasonable that I did not feel like going out much anyway. I am lucky that the house, where I am staying, has a garden so I can go out and get fresh air any time of day. Still, I don’t do enough of it.

I am literally relearning to go out and just enjoy being outdoors.

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How it all started?


Well … when I was a child, I was told that I was odd because I had ‘strange’ ideas that nobody could seemingly understand. Plus, I lived in a rather grey environment called socialistic communism where colourlessness was the norm and you were expected to conform. Well, I was not one who easily left a question unanswered, though.

(Read a personal story about my childhood below)

So, I decided early on that if the world around me is too scared to answer my bold questions I would go and find my own answers myself. And so I was off. I left home, then I left the city, finally, I left the country in search of answers.

The most surprising discovery I made over the years was that our answers to any existential question is answered within our own selves. I spent much time reading clever books and looking for someone to answer my queries until I realised that the only question I was truly searching an answer for was ‘who am I?’ Finding the answer to this very basic question opened up the whole world to me. It is sometimes too big to bear!

Knowing myself, my true values, inherent abilities and what I stand for as a human being gave me complete freedom in choosing my experiences.

I do not live the perfect life. I do not believe it exists. I live a life of insights and discoveries. It is a magical world both inside and out. I am still a ‘girl in progress’.  🙂 

My main focus in life is to find the most fulfilling ways to express my multifaceted being.

One such layer is my caring nature that wants me to support others to gain insights into their own extraordinary being.

How about you? What is your story?

Spring Cleaning with Meditation

In this article and video (video is embedded in the article, pls see link below)

Sant Rainder talks about how meditation can help us remove the clutter that prevents us from experiencing our Divine nature and living a fulfilling life.


“Before we spring clean, we typically take a good, hard look at what is cluttering our house. We do a walk through first to see how much cleaning needs to be done. We evaluate what we want to keep and what we want to throw away. We decide if there is anything too difficult for us to remove ourselves, and we call upon someone to help us.

Similarly, in spiritual spring cleaning, we need to do a walk through of our own interior makeup to decide what we want to keep and what we want to throw away. We need to evaluate what aspects of ourselves we want to cleanse. We need to understand what is cluttering our minds and hearts and keeping us from opening up to God’s love.


How to deal with Anger and Upset

In this video and article (pls see LINK below) Sant Rajinder talks about how to tacle anger and upset. He explains how it comes about and what we can practically do to easy ourselves into a peaceful peace of acceptance.


“Is there any antidote for anger? The more we give in to anger, the angrier we become, and it gains its power over us. We reach a point in which we lose total control and end up doing or saying something that hurts others and ourselves.

The secret to overcome anger, is to stay calm in the face of whatever is happening.

As we face problems at home, at the office, or in traffic, we should not react in anger. We can recognize that the problems are there. We can take steps to solve the problem. We can even be proactive and try to remove the agitating source by communication or by finding solutions, while trying to avoid becoming angry.?

Therapeutic-ART Coaching 101

Discover how to share your gifts in every area of your life, enjoy truly fulfilling relationships, and experience a deep sense of living “on purpose,” through the path of self-awareness and understanding your (and others’) personality.

Are you seeking a deeper understanding of who you are… and greater insight into your unique gifts and talents? Would you like to develop your personality strengths to truly serve your happiness… and that of others? Or maybe you’re looking for guidance to transform deeply ingrained patterns limiting your growth…

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Therapeutic-Art Coaching Sessions will support you to recover your sense of creativity; enhance the flow of creative juice, ignite your Spirit, and bring you closer to the Core of Who You Are. It will enable you to uncover and heal debilitating patterns of thoughts and behaviour so YOUR INNER LIGHT CAN SHINE THROUGH THE DARK STUFF.